Automate image production with an API or no-code tools like Zapier or Pabbly Connect.

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In this demo, Canvas takes the title, description, primary image and favicon from a blog post to make an image.

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Meet the Switchboard Canvas
Template Designer.

Quickly create templates using our intuitive, responsive web-based designer.

Switchboard Canvas Template Designer

Design and preview instantly in the Template Designer.

Fully Responsive

Produce pixel perfect templates by pinning objects in place and previewing them in any resolution.

Import images and fonts

Bring your own branding: upload images and fonts for use in your templates.

Intuitive Text

Text can automagically fill its container, perfect for fully-responsive templates.

Streamline and automate your workflow.

Switchboard Canvas has one of the most powerful asset creation APIs available. Your workflow is now more efficient and more streamlined than ever.

Multiple images with a single API call.

Once your responsive templates are ready, you can begin creating images using the API, or integrating with automation services.

You can create multiple assets in a single API call by specifying dimensions in the sizes array.

Individual Size Overwrites.

For fine-tuned control when creating assets, overwrite template values on a size-by-size basis.

Translate text on the fly.

Translate any of your text elements into over 70 languages.

With Switchboard Canvas you're able to create, resize and translate in a single API call.

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