Are you spending too long on image production?

Automate image production with the Switchboard Canvas API,
or no-code tools like Zapier or Pabbly Connect.

Perfect images at any size.

Design one responsive template and generate images at any size.

Any element can be pinned to either the edges of the template, or to the edges of another element - meaning your designs gracefully resize and stay perfectly aligned at any resolution.
Text can automagically fill a bounding box so that regardless of its contents, everything fits perfectly.
The Switchboard Canvas lets you create up to 5 images in a single API request, so you can produce for multiple destinations quickly and easily.

Responsive visibility.

Add visibility control to specific elements based on the size of your template requests.

Easily hide elements you don't want to show at certain sizes.
Saves you wasting time creating multiple templates with only minor variations - perfect for dynamic ads.

Bring your own assets.

Enjoy consistent branding by uploading your own images, fonts and LUTs to use in the Template Designer.

Support for QR codes.

Easily make QR codes from your Image elements.

You can create multiple assets in a single API call by specifying dimensions in the sizes array.

QR code sample API request
QR code in the Template Designer

Add custom LUTs.

Easily make QR codes from your Image elements.

Add your own Adobe 3D CUBE LUT files to add effects to images.

QR code sample API request
QR code in the Template Designer

Design in Canva. Bring to Canvas.

Bring your favorite designs from Canva and add editable elements in Canvas.

Save hours and automate like never before.

Get the 0:45s overview and find out how to get started.

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