tl;dr - Switchboard Canvas vs Dynapictures 👇🏼

DynaPictures has some features that are different from other platforms in the image generation space. It also offers easy automation capabilities that have the potential to streamline marketing activities and have an impact on audiences. Though it’s an affordable option, having much fewer monthly image limits will restrict the marketing efforts of most businesses.

Switchboard Canvas is more mature as a product, can handle a higher volume of demands, and offers better customer service than DynaPictures. For individuals or businesses who want to try out image generation tools without fully committing to the effort, DynaPictures is the perfect option. For anything more than that, Switchboard Canvas will offer a better experience.

What is Dynapictures?

With a vast selection of templates, DynaPictures has become a prominent image generation tool for all types of businesses. It makes creating coupons, email marketing campaigns, social media posts, and ad banners incredibly easy. When using it, creators can customize different aspects of each template, reuse the pieces that need to stay the same, and publish a refreshed image with a consistent message.

DynaPictures is also the first community-focused image generation tool. It enables enthusiastic customers of businesses to generate their own social media posts to share. According to DynaPictures’ website, 69% of branded communities say that the community has helped them generate new leads, and DynaPictures enables this in a way that no other tool does.

Software Strengths

DynaPictures offers a free monthly plan for users that aren’t generating more than 30 images per month. When it comes to new businesses or individual entrepreneurs, this plan helps keep costs low while still providing immense value.

The software itself is very robust but still surprisingly easy to use. Users can connect DynaPictures to spreadsheets or forms, and when new data is added to either, an image will be generated based on the outlined parameters. It also integrates with Zapier, Integrately, and Pabbly to make posting these images an automated part of the process. Similar to Switchboard Canvas, DynaPictures can use a URL from Twitter and transform tweets into an image in seconds!

Some of the features that set DynaPictures apart are smart image cropping, AI face detection, and 3D shape creation capabilities. Users can turn images into 3D objects for an eye-catching and unique approach to visual marketing. PNG, JPEG, WEBP, and AVIF options can be toggled between, so users can select the output format that works best for their needs.

Software Limits

DynaPictures sticks to images; at this point, video content is not an output option that the tool supports. It does not support collaborative editing, though it does allow multiple users to create their own images and store them in the content library. A mobile template editor is on DynaPicture’s roadmap, but currently, image creation and template design cannot be done on the go.

Though the application provides a number of different image outputs, it doesn’t support PDF creation, limiting the overall impact it can have on your business. The number of outputs available from DynaPicture’s available plans can be limiting, as the highest plan stops at 5,000 images per month, which is much lower than Switchboard Canvas and other competitors.

Feature Comparison

Switchboard CanvasDynapictures
Responsive Templates
Multiple sizes per call
Twitter Integration
Canva Import
AWS Integration
PDF Generation
Template Generation
Video Generationlimited
Additional Discounts
Request Maximum100,0005,000
Additional Requests$0.10/requestNot available

Pricing Comparison

Switchboard CanvasDynapictures
Tier 1$19/month$0/month
Tier 2$79/month$39/month
Tier 3$299/month$99/month

Other Alternatives

Why choose Switchboard Canvas?

Multiple images with a single API call.

Once your responsive templates are ready, you can begin creating images using the API, or integrating with automation services.

You can create multiple assets in a single API call by specifying dimensions in the sizes array.

Specify modifications per size.

For fine-tuned control when creating assets, overwrite template values on a size-by-size basis.

Translate text on the fly.

Translate any of your text elements into over 70 languages.

With Switchboard Canvas you're able to create, resize and translate in a single API call.

Integrate with Zapier and 3000 other tools.

Zapier logo

Connect Switchboard Canvas to over 3,000 tools and services using Zapier.

You can create multiple images at differente sizes in a single request, and easily send them on to other tools you use in your Zap.

Conference pass example

Directly connect to Airtable.

Airtable logo
Airtable Table example

Choose how best to connect.

Run our script directly from your Table

The Switchboard Canvas Airtable script lets you generate images based on data in your table's rows.
Airtable Create button

The script can be triggered from a button field in your view, and generated images can be saved back to an attachments field.

Learn more about creating images directly in your view with our Airtable One-Click tutorial.

Use your Airtable API key

Bulk generate images at scale using your table's data and your Airtable API key.

Simply supply the Airtable REST API endpoint in your payload, and Switchboard Canvas will do the rest, informing a webhook when all the images have been created.

Example of a batch request using a Airtable

Batch processing for images at scale.

Easily create batches of images at a time by supplying an input file of requests.

Switchboard Canvas will create all the images and notify your webhook when everything is complete.

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