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Create one template and many images with Switchboard Canvas.

Design in Canva. Bring to life in Canvas.

Bring your favorite designs from Canva and add editable elements in Canvas.

Integrate with Zapier and 3000 other tools.

Zapier logo

Connect Switchboard Canvas to over 3,000 tools and services using Zapier.

You can create multiple images at differente sizes in a single request, and easily send them on to other tools you use in your Zap.

Conference pass example

Directly connect to Airtable.

Airtable logo
Airtable Table example

Choose how best to connect.

Run our script directly from your Table

The Switchboard Canvas Airtable script lets you generate images based on data in your table's rows.
Airtable Create button

The script can be triggered from a button field in your view, and generated images can be saved back to an attachments field.

Learn more about creating images directly in your view with our Airtable One-Click tutorial.

Use your Airtable API key

Bulk generate images at scale using your table's data and your Airtable API key.

Simply supply the Airtable REST API endpoint in your payload, and Switchboard Canvas will do the rest, informing a webhook when all the images have been created.

Example of a batch request using a Airtable

Batch create images from Google Sheets.

Google Sheets Document

On our Agency and Enterprise plans, you can batch create images directly from Google Sheets data.

Once all the images are created, Switchboard Canvas will call a webhook with details of the results.

Simple authenticate to your Google account from your profile page and specify the document in your API requests.

Example of a Google Sheets batch request

Watch the Google Sheets integration tutorial.

Perfect images at any size.

Design one responsive template and generate images at any size.

Any element can be pinned to either the edges of the template, or to the edges of another element - meaning your designs gracefully resize and stay perfectly aligned at any resolution.
Text can automagically fill a bounding box so that regardless of its contents, everything fits perfectly.
The Switchboard Canvas lets you create up to 5 images in a single API request, so you can produce for multiple destinations quickly and easily.

Responsive visibility.

Add visibility control to specific elements based on the size of your template requests.

Easily hide elements you don't want to show at certain sizes.
Saves you wasting time creating multiple templates with only minor variations - perfect for dynamic ads.

Bring your own assets.

Enjoy consistent branding by uploading your own images, fonts and LUTs to use in the Template Designer.

Save hours and automate like never before.

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