Output images directly to AWS S3

Create your own turbo-charged dynamic image content delivery network.

Build a world class dynamic image content delivery network.

Generate multiple images per API call and output them to your AWS S3 bucket. Power your image delivery using AWS CloudFront.

Add your AWS credentials.

Specify your access and secret access keys, the destination bucket where you'd like to store the generated files, and optionally a prefix path for each image.

AWS S3 credentials

Add the useAws property.

Once you've added your AWS credentials to Switchboard Canvas, simply use the useAws property to divert the output generation to your own bucket.

    "template": "my-quote",
    "sizes": [
            "width": 500,
            "height": 500,
            "filename": "square.png"
            "width": 1920,
            "height": 1080,
            "filename": "rectangle.png"
    "useAws": true

Access the AWS global network.

Find out more about AWS CloudFront and the locations from which your content will be served.

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