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Level-up your content production today.

Automate branding, social media, multi-lingual content and more
with a plan that grows with you.


$ 39 /month
  • 1,000 API calls

  • 1 size per call

Most popular


$ 79 /month
  • 10,000 API calls

  • 3 sizes per call

  • Translate in 70+ languages


$ 349 /month
  • 100,000 API calls

  • 5 sizes per call

  • Translate into 70+ languages


Try Switchboard Canvas with a risk-free 14-day trial.

No credit card is required.

All template designing and API functionality is available but your images will be watermarked.

Frequently asked questions

What is an API call?

An API call is a programmatic request to our servers that will generate one or more image assets.

How many images can I create per API call?

This depends on your chosen plan.

For the Creator plan, you can create one image per API call. For the Agency plan, you can create three images. For the Enterprise plan you can create five images.

The images don't necessarily have to be different sizes - you just have the flexibility to create different versions of your template in a single API call.

What can I do during the 14-day trial?

You can try Switchboard Canvas free for 14 days. No credit card is required.

During the trial, you'll be limited to one image per API call and any generated images will be watermarked.

How does the translation work?

When calling the API, you can specify to overrwrite the text of any Text element and optionally translate that text into one of 70 languages.

With our Agency and Enterprise plans, you could create multi-lingual versions of social media content with one API request.

See our API documentation for the languages we support.

What happens at the end of the trial?

At the end of the trial, any content you've uploaded or templates you've created will be removed.

We will e-mail you before the trial ends. During the trial you can add a credit card and you'll be moved to the paid plan of your choosing.

You can also move to a paid plan before the trial ends which will remove the watermark from your generated images.

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