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Automated quote image generation with Airtable, Zapier, and SkedSocial • Switchboard Canvas

Create a quote generation pipeline using data in a table in Airtable, a template designed with Switchboard Canvas, and SkedSocial - the perfect tool to schedule posts to your Instagram Grid or Stories.

Bring designs and assets from Canva • Switchboard Canvas

We've integrated with Canva so that you can more seamlessly create templates for Switchboard Canvas.

Subscriptions and Billing • Switchboard Canvas

A guide to managing your Switchboard Canvas subscription.

Text Element Translation • Switchboard Canvas

Easily translate any Text element into 70 languages on the Agency and Enterprise plan. Create multi-lingual multi-resolution images in one API call.

One-click image creation from Airtable • Switchboard Canvas

Add a button to Airtable that automatically creates images from data in your table in multiple sizes.

Using Adobe 3d CUBE Lookup Table files (LUTs) • Switchboard Canvas

Find out how to use Adobe 3d CUBE Lookup Table files (LUTs) in Switchboard Canvas.

Adding QR codes to your Switchboard Canvas templates • Switchboard Canvas

Find out how to add QR codes to your Switchboard Canvas templates.

How to create an image from any web page or blog post • Switchboard Canvas

Easily make an image from any web page, news article or blog post.

Generate images from a Google Sheets document • Switchboard Canvas

How to generate images from data in a Google Sheets document.

Low-Code/No-Code: What are They & What's the Difference? • Switchboard Canvas

Low-code vs No-code: What exactly are these tools and how to they differ?

A review of current Marketing Automation platforms • Switchboard Canvas

A review of the current marketing automation platforms available and how they compare.

Create an image CDN with Switchboard Canvas, AWS, S3 and CloudFront

Create a fully functioning global image CDN connected to Switchboard Canvas.