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Seamless background removal with the Switchboard Canvas API.

Easily remove backgrounds on your dynamically created images.

    "template": "golden-gate",
    "sizes": [
            "width": 1920,
            "height": 1080,
    "elements": {
        "backdrop": {
            "removeBackground": true

Remove a background from an image easily by specifying the removeBackground property in your API request.

removeBackground can be used with images form your Library or images that you override dynamically in combination with the url property.

No pre-prep, no selecting regions or supplying hints.

Product Shots

Automate image generation for your e-commerce store by hooking in Switchboard Canvas' background removal API.

Save time and streamline product management in your Shopify or Etsy e-commerce store.

Isolate Portraits

Isolate faces and portraits and overlay them onto other images in your Switchboard Canvas template.

And don't forget - templates are responsive so you can generate images at any size, and with multiple sizes per API call.

Add other backgrounds

Use Switchboard Canvas as your API driven background eraser! Removing the background from an image lets you then place it over another background of your choice.

With Switchboard Canvas, your image is completely dynamic so you can create and generate dynamically in real time.

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