Bring designs and assets from Canva • Switchboard Canvas

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We've integrated with Canva so that you can more seamlessly create templates for Switchboard Canvas.

Accessing Canva from Switchboard Canvas is very simple.

Create a new template, and once you’re in the template designer, click the Design on Canva button:

Canva will load into a popup where you have the full design and editing experience:

Once you’ve finished editing in Canva, click the Publish button and your image will be saved to your Switchboard Canvas Library, and added to your template.

Now you can add any additional elements you need, i.e. a Text element that you can specify when using the API:


  • When you’re editing in Canva, remove any objects from your design that you want to be dynamic, or editable via the API.
  • After your design is added to your Switchboard Canvas template, click the ‘pin to corners’ link to automatically have your design fill the template.

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